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Spring Sunday Evening Series

March 3, 10, and 17, 2024


Ministry Equipping Seminar

"Dan's teaching was tremendous - biblical, theologically sound, and without drama.  Our people loved it. - it felt real, natural, and do-able."

Rev. Charlie Little, Pastor
Templeton Presbyterian Church, Templeton, CA

About the Speaker


Pastor Dan Prout is known for his practical teaching and comfortable, interactive style. He is president of Sierra Ministries International and heads the California Prayer Coalition.

“WHEN KINGDOMS COLLIDE” presents key foundational truths often overlooked by believers in Jesus. Our identity and standing in the Kingdom of God is such an exciting topic. Pastor Dan Prout takes us through the Bible uncovering these pivotal principles in a way that is engaging and intriguing.

~ Jessy O’Brien, Crossover Nevada County


"Dan's warm and informative teaching style along with the safe yet stretching environment for practicing what we learned about healing ministry were a great blessing. The biblically based model for healing ministry that he shared with us appeals to Christians across denominational lines."

Rev. Mike Gleason

First Baptist Church, Orland, CA

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