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Prayer points



For wisdom and love of God to encompass our leaders. serving the people a s God's instruments

For leaders to embrace biblical values and principles and to govern in humility and righteousness


For legislators to enact policies in accordance with the law of God


For our courts to be exemplary models of equal treatment and Justice


For leaders at all levels to encounter the Spirit of God, finding personal faith in Christ


For America to be a servant nation bringing resources of life and health to all peoples


For the United States to be known among the nations for its testimony of the Cross of Christ



For societal divisions to be addressed, reconciled, and healed


For turning from immoral sexual behavior, sex industries, and the taking of innocent life


For forgiveness and restoration within family relationships


For the Spirit of God to breathe Hope and Healing into the broken and weary


For a spiritual revival to sweep across our land, God's Spirit inhabiting our nation


For the Spirit of Truth to defeat deception and confusion, for light to shine in darkness


For the Love of God to prevail in unity among Christ-followers

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