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What we do



At the center of our organization is the goal of seeing Community Transformation - locally, regionally, nationally. By transformation, we mean that God and his Kingdom are so firmly established in a city or region that the evidence of His presence is observable throughout. It is not enough to witness growth in the number of saved souls and in church attendance, as important as these are. Transformation is about change in how a society functions. Change in its institutions, policies, and procedures. Change in government, in regulations shaping society, in justice administered, in prosperity of families, in reconciliation of relationships between races, and many other areas. We work diligently toward this goal in Christian unity, in humility, and in honoring of others, emphasizing prayer and worship as keys to inviting God to move. 



Sierra Ministries is primarily a teaching and equipping organization. While ministering to the needs of individuals is necessary and honoring to both God and people, if we do not train others in how to minister with increasing effectiveness, we will have failed in our biblical mandate (II Timothy 2:2). Consequently, our thrust is (1) to illuminate the biblical concepts undergirding community transformation and (2) to educate and equip individuals with the skills required for effective ministry. Thus, volunteers carry the work of SMI ministries.



For many years we have sought bonafide, biblical, Christian healing.  Today, we are seeing people  receive partial and complete healing every week.  Coupled with the Healing Ministry of Nevada County, our “Authority to Heal” ministry training seminar has been privileged to equip over 900 pastors and lay-people in Level One skills in the United States and abroad. "Hollows of the Heart" is a one-day introductory training for inner-healing (emotional wounds). Equipping believers for Healing Ministry is one facet of encompassing transformation strategy.



Sierra Ministries focuses on the need for increased prayer at the personal, congregational, and community levels. Through conferences like "Touching Heaven, Changing Earth", speakers and teachers develop and deepen our understanding of prayer.  SMI’s teaching on prayer and coordinating prayer events is expanding to intra-county, regional, and intra-state involvements.  SMI seminars like “Power To Transform - Learning the Ways of God in Prayer” are having widening opportunity and impact. We believe that it is through unified prayer and worship that the Christian family attracts the Spirit of God to a community and ultimately changes the surrounding social order.



Seeing transformation in a community means seeing transformation in individual lives first. Privately and behind the scenes, SMI initiates and develops relationships with those in five areas of community leadership:  business, government, medicine, education, and Christian ministry organizations. These relationships form bridges of friendship allowing SMI staff to enter into the lives of those in influential positions in a community, region, and state. Our men’s retreat, "Facing Life Head-On", concentrates themes of succeeding at work and at home. Leadership development starts in the home, extends to the workplace, and expands into the community.  It is strategic to reach men on account of their influence in these three arenas.


Join us

We invite those sharing this Vision to partner with the staff and volunteers who are the fabric of Sierra Ministries International.

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