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California Prayer Coalition

The California Prayer Coalition exists to bring together a wide array of the Body of Christ, seeking the Lord Jesus Christ for spiritual revival for our state and nation.

The strength of this collaboration is not in physically coming together but rather in uniting and agreeing in prayer. Each ministry is encouraged to implement prayer and worship in the format and style it chooses under its own leadership.

These are important days for us to intensify our prayer to God for a spiritual renewal in our nation. 


Over 1200 congregations and a number of networks are participating as partners in the California Prayer Coalition for the approaching prayer season!


Let us, as a unified Body of Christ, eliminate cultural and language hurdles that can divide us, and each participate in whatever manner is familiar and genuine. In joining together as one Church with great diversity before the throne of God in earnest, concentrated prayer, we in part fulfill Jesus’ prayer in John 17 “that they be one so the world will know the Father has sent the Son”.

Prayer points

The members of the CA Prayer Coalition have agreed to focus unified prayer around 7 critical aspects of both Government and Society. Participants are encouraged to print, post, and download the prayer points (pdf below).

Mountain Peak

2023 Coalition Members

California Association of Evangelicals, Dwight Burchett
Church of the Nazarene, Los Angeles District, Greg Garman
Assemblies of God, Southern California, Rich Guerra
Assemblies of God, N California and Nevada, Bret Allen
Foursquare Church, Western District, Tim Russell
The Prayer Council of the United States, Valerie Jackson
Limitless Realms International Ministries, Billie Alexander
William Jessup University, John Jackson
Eternal Truth Now Ministries, Alane Haynes
East Bay Prayer Furnace, Amy Knight
Destiny Apostolic Company, Candi MacAlpine
Pray California, Maryal Boumann
National Day of Repentance, Jeff Daly
Gold Area Aglow, N Cal, AB Baughman
The Salt & Light Council, Dran Reese
Sierra Ministries International, Dan Prout

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