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HOLLOWS OF THE HEART Christian Healing Seminar

“Easy to understand, deep yet simple, biblically sound, carefully crafted and full of compassion for the hurting. Dan takes the broad range of experiences and teaching on this relatively new frontier and boils it down to the essentials needed for understanding and ministering to the emotional wounds of hurting people.”
Pastor Dan Burris
The Refiner’s Ministry
Walnut Creek, CA

"A focal element of my pastoral ministry is helping people discover and exercise their gifts for ministry.  Sierra Ministries 'Hollows of the Heart' is an effective resource to accomplish just that.  It's a clear and balanced invitation to people being called into an inner healing ministry as well as a wonderful encouragement and equipping for people already doing it.  I'm personally encouraged that many inner healing prayer counselors have been led to this ministry through their own inner healing.  That's real freedom for ministry.   Thanks, Sierra Ministries!"
Pastor Ed Pincusoff
Church on the Esplanade
Chico, CA

"I went away from Dan Prout’s inner-healing seminar with much enlightenment on how to truly bring relief to past hurts in individual lives. His information and applications give new tools for ministering in the powerful name of Jesus Christ." 
Pastor Larry Ivey 
Sutter Community Church
Sutter, California

"Pastor Dan’s research, experience, and gentle approach is easy for everyone to understand. His clear and concise teaching of inner-healing principles and sensitive application is a refreshing combination." 
Pastor Cindy Johnson
Bethel Church
Grass Valley, California ​

Authority To Heal

CA Prayer Coalition

530-478-1478 ~       P. O. Box 3174, Grass Valley CA  95945


Pastor affirms Hollows of the Heart seminar
"Dan brings a solid foundation of biblical teaching with a whole-person vision for ministry. You will find your heart captured with a godly purpose for the hurting people you encounter every day. Discover the vital grace flowing from the 'Hollows of the Heart' training as soon as possible."

Rev. Lloyd Tremain, Pastor
Paradise Community Church of the Nazarene, Paradise, California

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HOLLOWS OF THE HEART is presented by Rev. Dan Prout, M. Div, Sierra Ministries International. This one day seminar is an introduction to bringing healing and wholeness to those carrying scars from life's encounters. In this seminar you will learn the principles and methods which allow Jesus Christ to release the pain from hurtful experiences and bring peace to personal turmoil.

HOLLOWS OF THE HEART is designed to teach believers the skills to bring lasting relief for emotional wounds through the love and truth of Jesus Christ. This seminar is a follow-up to the AUTHORITY TO HEAL physical healing seminar where it is taught that physical suffering sometimes has an emotional or spiritual root which needs to be addressed before complete physical healing can take place. (It is not necessary to have attended the AUTHORITY TO HEAL seminar in order to attend this seminar.) 

HOLLOWS OF THE HEART seminar is intended to teach believers how to determine if an emotional or spiritual root is present and how to help the person take these issues to the Lord Jesus Christ for healing. Due to the content presented, this seminar is not appropriate for those under 18 years old. However, nursing babies are permitted.


Hi!  My name is Kathy Sharman.  For several years now, I have had the distinct privilege of being a part of the Sierra Ministries' Seminar Team.  This is a ministry that I believe in and have seen many lives changed and healed because of the gentle ministering of this team.

Just recently, my church fellowship was excited to have Dan and Kathleen Prout and some of the team members come to teach the seminar entitled “Hollows of the Heart”, expounding on the principles of inner healing. After the seminar, one of the quotes that I heard was, “Usually the teaching in an all day seminar is great in the beginning, but this one was packed from the beginning to the end with powerful, informative and usable information.”  Well, God had a special appointment with me at end of Dan's teaching!

I had been prompted to share the following story, and Dan, not knowing what I was going to say,  allowed me to share.  As a first grader learning the alphabet, our teacher would give us a coloring paper with a picture representing that particular letter.  In this case it was “E” for elephant.  I did not have a gray color crayon and it seemed silly to  me to color it some fantastical color.  So I proudly problem solved and creatively colored my elephant with my lead pencil.  Granted, it was a bit messy, but at least it wasn't purple!  I proudly turned it in.  

As was my teacher's custom, the next day she would comment about someones' picture and to my astonishment and utter amazement, she held up my coloring! Her exact words were,  “Now, this is an example of ...what NOT to do!”  I died of mortification!  I had tried so hard to please and here was my teacher telling the whole class that what I had done was not good enough!  

My self confidence went crashing through the floor, never to be retrieved!  And my budding artistic talent took a direct hit!  For the next 60 years, not being good enough became a default foundation of my life.  It showed up in all areas of school, clear into college.  It colored my marriage, where my best efforts just weren't good enough! Even into ministry when I chose to not put myself in places where I felt I might fail a client to whom I was ministering.

Well, I was standing in front of 25 people sharing my story with the intent of helping them understand that we are all broken in some areas and to never give up, we are a work in process.  But when Dan took my hand and asked if I wanted to take care of that wound right now, I knew God had set me up for some fantastic healing!  I had recognized the truths of the woundedness, but for some reason had never gone to the next step of forgiving my first grade teacher.  

Sounds simple doesn't it?  After a short 10 minutes, and going through the steps that he had spent the whole day teaching about, Dan and the whole seminar group walked me through the forgiving of my teacher.  Then going back to the original source of wounding, Dan asked me to search my memories for the pain of being minimized, of being ridiculed, of having my delicate confidence shattered with a few unthinking words.  No pain!  No embarrassment!  Only a sense of confidence, and a growing desire to begin exploring my art again.  

That night, alone with God, I went through two other wounding memories that had brought a total stop to any development of my latent artistic talent and forgave the two other individuals that had made me feel that my art just wasn't good enough. And today, not only do I know that I am good enough for anything that God asks of me, but I am really excited to begin to open my mind to His artistic creativity.

I am so grateful for a team of people who are willing to be used by God to bring healing and wholeness into the lives of so many people.  A team of people who are willing to travel, to give of their time and energy, to teach and love those who are wanting to learn and are wanting to be healed.

A funny anecdote to this story is that in announcing this seminar to our church body, I even said that often times in learning about how to minister healing, we are often healed ourselves.  Little did I know that this time it would be me who would receive the healing of a long time childhood wound!

"I lived life for 50+ years with a feeling of being rejected and not wanted. I was adopted as an infant, never knowing my biological parents. Even though my adoptive parents expressed they loved me, I couldn't quite believe that they wanted and loved me. The feeling of rejection was always in the background. My life was a roller coaster of emotions, being depressed most of the time; feeling I was unloved, not worthy of love, having a very low self-esteem and always lonely.  I couldn't truly trust people and guarded all relationships because I didn't believe that they could possibly love me or that I deserved to be loved.  I thought I wanted to meet my biological parents because I needed a connection to something in order to feel complete.

"Through inner healing, God showed me how much HE loves me, how much HE cares for me and how worthy I am to HIM, that I am HIS precious child.  The connection I have is a relationship with Jesus and I now know that God placed me in the family HE wanted me to be a part of. Once I forgave my biological parents I have been able to accept things in myself that I never dreamed of.  I was finally allowed to throw away all of those nagging feelings of rejection that I carried around, sometimes without even being aware of it - that I was not wanted, not loved, didn't deserve to be loved, didn't deserve even to exist. God has shown me that I was loved from the beginning. 

"I have been healed in the most unimaginably profound way; I feel a wholeness I have never known before! Not only do I feel God's comforting presence but I feel His warm, caring, supportive, loving arms surrounding me in a way I've never felt before. Once I received HIS love, the freedom I've experience because of what God has done for me is incredible. I am no longer guarded in my relationships and the things that use to trigger my negative responses don't control me anymore. God’s love and truth has set me free."  (Heather)

"I have been distraught over my daughter’s passing; I would begin crying at the slightest mention or hint related or associated with my void/her absence.  I carried guilt, resentment and anger – displaced towards family members. During prayer I felt surrounded by a ring (cloud/mist), softly cushioned.  The heaviness, tightened muscles, burden was lifted.  As I left and sit here quietly alone I feel my burdens removed with a sense of quiet, peaceful, optimism.  Thank you Father!" (Jeannie)