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THESE TESTIMONIES COME FROM A VARIETY OF SOURCES, from those attending our healing seminars, ministries, and conferences, as well the individual ministries of SMI employees and volunteers. All testimonies, including the use of names, are published by permission from the individuals quoted.

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The Bible says suffering is part of the Christian life so shouldn't we accept that disease is part of this suffering?

"The Bible does say that there will be various sufferings in our lives (Romans 8:17-18). Persecution and even death may be part of that suffering (Phil. 3:10). The Bible also says to rejoice because God uses suffering to produce character (Romans 5:3).

"It is true that being sick is one type of suffering in our common usage of the term in English. In the New Testament, however, sickness and disease seem to be in a different category. A brief word study of 'suffer/ sufferings' suggests these terms are not used to indicate either sickness nor disease in the NT.

"Consider the life of the Apostle Paul, for instance. We know from Galatians 4:13 that at least on one occasion he was sick. Yet in his long list of trials he suffered for the Gospel which he identifies in Corinthians 11:23-28, not once does he mention his illness.

"Interesting, don’t you think? In fact, it follows that if God intends for human beings to suffer from disease because it may on occasion be part of His divine strategy to develop our character and spiritual maturity, Jesus would not have directed the disciples to heal every disease and sickness (Matthew 10:1).

"Indeed, He would have instructed them NOT to heal because healing may interfere with God’s perfect plan for constructing character, perseverance, and hope.

"This argument does not negate the fact that God miraculously works good out of what is intended for evil (Genesis 50:20). Let it be clear, however, that the 'Good from Evil' principle is far different from the idea that God’s purpose is to design and intend sickness for our spiritual development." 

Dan Prout
Nevada City, California 
© 2014 Rev. Dan H. Prout

Since God is sovereign and His will is always perfect, shouldn’t we only pray for His will to be done and not for Him to heal unless it is His will?

"Jesus instructs the disciples to pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. If God’s will is always accomplished, since He is sovereign and almighty, why then would the disciples be instructed by the Lord Jesus himself to pray for God’s will to be done?

"Clearly God’s will is not always done on earth. God apparently limits Himself, choosing to work in partnership with and through those on earth, bringing the Kingdom of truth and light by way of the people of God.

"To illustrate, let us change the subject from Healing to Evangelism. Would it make sense for us not to pray for a non-believer to become a believer? Why not just expect that God is sovereign and the non-believer will come to Christ or not, as God wills?

"To rest on this logic relieves us from speaking to non-believers about our found faith in Jesus Christ. In fact, by extension, there would be no need to send missionaries to other cultures.

"No, we understand that the witness of the Church is the primary tool for people coming to knowledge of God in Christ so that they may make a decision about Him.

"In the same way, we minister healing in His Name, the love of God being released through those that believe, His ambassadors and priests. The results of all our ministries - witnessing, teaching, healing, and so forth - are in God’s hands. 

"But the real question is, 'Is it God’s will that all be healed?' After all, it is clear many are not healed even when receiving Christian healing ministry. Let us consider a corollary question:

"Does God want all to be saved? Yes, God desires all to be saved (First Timothy 2:4). Are all saved? Apparently not, even though God desires it. Since God wants all to come to knowledge of him yet many do not, we must conclude some other principle is at work.

"Similarly, since God wants all to be healed but not everyone is healed, we must consider some other unknown principle is in play.

"We must, therefore, separate two thoughts: Just because not all are healed does not mean that God does not want all to be healed." 

Dan Prout
Nevada City, California 
© 2014 Rev. Dan H. Prout


"I have right hip degeneration, acute pain in my groin, lower back, and right pinching nerve pain down right leg. Physical therapist feels I may need right hip replacement and doctor wants to continue spinal pain blocks. Hip pain at level eight. After team prayed for me there was no more pain in right knee that was replaced in 2016. No longer have sharp hip pain, pain reduced to about a five. The lower right back pain subsided." (Gale)

"I had pain in my neck and lower back, left side, and neuropathy in my left ankle. After ministry, I had easing, relaxing of the areas of pain. I have no pain in my neck and lower back and I have less pain in my ankle." (Gene)


"I was diagnosed with sciatica, distal radius fracture, and a humerus fracture; there is pain in both elbows from the fall. The healing team anointed me with oil and laid hands on me. There was tingling in left arm, wrist, and right arm. The pain in left arm reduced from 5 to 0. Right elbow and sciatica remained in pain, there is no pain in left elbow and wrist, and I have increased mobility in the left hand. I had prayer again in the afternoon session, the pain in the right arm is now gone also." (Linda)


"I felt the prayer helped me. I experienced pain relief, inner peace and felt the Lord’s presence. I have better mobility in the right side of my neck, the right wrist, right sacroiliac joint and L5 vertebrae." (Alika) 

"I was at a one or two pain level, but really nervous. When team prayed for me I felt a feeling of calmness. I no longer have the pain I did, I feel at peace and a calm." (Zachery)


"I had a neck fusion; the flexibility in my neck and shoulders was limited with constant pain. There was shooting pain and I was unable to turn my head for a short time without stiffness.  OMG! My pain went from 7 to 4 to 0! My shoulder felt smoother and liquid, not stiff anymore – my head felt lighter." (Mardie)


"I have primary asthma and COPD. The team was warm and welcoming. Since they prayed for me I’m on fire, my feet have moved more than ever before. The Lord took away my asthma and I was able to sing for the first time in years" (Kathy)


"I deal with asthma in sinuses and throat 24/7 (problems with mucus), and arthritis in shoulder and middle of back - with pain in the back. As healing team ministered I felt heat and tingling in my back and swelling going down. I experienced tingling in my sinuses and throat clearing out the mucus. I now have no pain in my back. I'm breathing better through my sinuses and throat." (Diane)


"My left knee hurt when I stand up from sitting; it's been popping also. I felt the presence of the Lord when being prayed for. I just walked back to my seat with no pain in my knee." (Bradley)


"I wanted prayer for bone spur and arthritis in foot, rotator cuff tear and arthritis in shoulder, and golfers elbow. During ministry my heel pain reduced from six to zero - I can now stand and walk without pain. I can move my arm more freely without pain and a greater range of motion. Elbow pain lessened." (Heather)


"When I went in for prayer last night for extreme pain in my feet, caused from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, the pain level when I was standing was at a 10. I also asked for prayer for severe pain in my joints, arms, hips, elbows, etc (from osteoarthritis).  On the drive home I noticed that my feet did not hurt they were just a little sore. This morning there was no pain, no burning or aching in my feet!!! (Before receiving healing prayer it was painful to get out of bed and stand up every morning.). Today as I am working and on my feet, I am able to walk around my office ~without having severe pain and burning in my feet. AND the rest of my joints are not sore today.
Please extend my gratitude to your team for their service to our community. I am so thankful for your ministry!"

Philippians 4:6-7 (Eleanor )


"I have been fighting high blood pressure that started with copper toxicity; which I still have too much of. I also have pain in Gall Bladder and ovary, with possible fibroid tumors.  When I received ministry I felt an anointing on my whole body. I had pain in right ovary that is now gone, probably the fibroids. Also believe copper toxicity gone! *Felt also very big emotional deliverance from taking care of 86 year old mom with memory disease. I feel lighter, definitely felt frustration and stress leave me! Thank you!"  (Sherilyn) 

"I came with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) emphysema with 80% lung damage. During ministry, I got hot and cold, and could take deeper breaths more easily with no discomfort. I could not stop crying for joy. I feel a little “high” because I think now my (supplemental) oxygen is turned up too much." (Joyce)

"I asked prayer for Psychosis – mental anxiety and tense feeling in arms and legs. With prayer I felt something in my body and arms. I am experiencing mental clarity and relaxation in my body." (John)

"My adrenal gland is not functioning properly. The healing team prayed over me for the adrenal gland to be restored and come back in to function. I was running and dancing out of the room after prayers. Thank you, Jesus!" (Greg)

"I had colon blockage with pseudo-polyps developing. Received prayer at Healing Rooms several months back and have not had any blockages since. I feel more peace and comfort. Won’t know how much colon has healed until next colonoscopy, but have not had pain or blockages and seem to be able to eat just about anything and am very grateful just for that." (Craig )

"I just came from my oncologist, for the first time in 6 years my white cell count went down without chemo, just PRAYER. Praise God who is my primary physician and He works at the Healing Rooms in Grass Valley and many other places!" (Evelyn)

"When I went in for prayer last night (11/5) for extreme pain in my feet, caused from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, the pain level when I was standing was at a 10.  I also asked for prayer for severe pain in my joints, arms, hips, elbows, etc (from osteoarthritis).

"On the drive home I noticed that my feet did not hurt they were just a little sore. This morning there was no pain, no burning or aching in my feet!!! (Before receiving healing prayer it was painful to get out of bed and stand up every morning.)

"Today as I am working and on my feet, I am able to walk around my office without having severe pain and burning in my feet. AND the rest of my joints are not sore today. Please extend my gratitude to your team for their service to our community. I am so thankful for your ministry! Philippians 4:6-7." (Eleanor)

"I came for prayer due to right knee pain which I need an x-ray and MRI on. During ministry a burden was lifted from my heart and forgiveness was given. I know my heart was healed because the heavy burden of fear, betrayal, and unforgiveness was lifted. After prayer I was able to stand and straighten my knee. I am believing for total healing." (Sue)

"I have two arthritic fingers on my right hand with maybe 40% movement before pain. As the team prayed I felt warmth in my two fingers. I now have 90% movement before pain." (Dan)

"I have severe back pain. When the healing team ministered I felt heat spread through my lower back and neck. I checked the ladies hands and they weren’t warm. I felt pressure and they barely touched me.  The tightness and stiffness has loosened, the affected area has no pain..." (Michael )

"I wanted prayer for herniated disc and pain. During prayer I experienced peace, release, and pain going from a 7 to a 5 then to 0. I am healed…relaxing and electrified."  (Christian)

"I asked prayer for arthritis and Hashimoto thyroid. As a result of ministry I am turning head and neck without the crunching in my neck/bones, the pain in my left hip stopped, and the thyroid size diminished." (Heather)

"I have been in a warfare situation for so long that the weight of it affected my body in so many ways. From receiving ministry tonight there is such peace – I had forgotten what it was like. I feel like I've been immersed in the peace of God and that things were out of order in my body are now back in order. Thank you – Thank you – Bless you all." (Joyce)

"The diagnosis of diabetes was 10 years ago. After reaching a point of getting this disease managed I was finally ready to ask the Lord for healing. The warmth in my abdomen and my feet (neuropathy) leads me to believe that this healing will be complete. I asked to be able to fully forgive my family for atrocities in my past. Today that miracle has occurred. While I do not forget my past, I fully forgive all those for whom I have held resentment. I feel light and free."  (Wendie)


In September of 2013, Tonie was diagnosed with terminal cancer that spread from her breast into the lungs and liver. She became so ill that it tired her out to do the smallest task; to walk across a room would take great effort and all her breath away.  Tonie was in an Oroville CA service, March 09, 2014, where Dan Prout and several members of the Sierra Ministries Healing Team were ministering.  She felt the Lord was healing her during the worship service when prayer for healing was offered. 

Tonie received ministry in one of our small groups, after which she reported she could take full breaths, was not experiencing any pain and felt the good cells in her body taking over.  Three days later her husband, Donnie, reported  there were no signs of her having any trouble breathing or problems with physical tasks; Praise God! 

As of April 19, 2014, Tonie continues to be able to breathe fully and deeply. After reviewing a recent scan, her doctor reportedly says her liver is cancer free. She continues to have a small amount of cancer in both right breast and right lung. The doctor is amazed at the effectiveness of the chemotherapy he has been administering.

Tonie and her husband believe the major changes in her body are on account of God's work.  Of course we do not deny the important role of medical science. (Tonie's story is an ideal example of how healing miracles often have apparent medical explanations.)  We look forward to her complete healing by the power of the Cross and in the authority of Jesus’ name. 

"I had a cyst 24cm x 18cm in my stomach, after prayer at the Nevada County Healing Room earlier in June it shrunk overnight to 11cm; pressure was off my bladder and I slept for first night in over a year for 6 hours afterwards. Other side effects from ministry at the Healing Rooms were normal blood pressure and an immediate drop of 7 lbs :-) when tumor shrunk. From the prayer today the pain under and on top of my arm has left. My body on the right side is burning with vibrating heat! I believe the cyst on the liver is dissolved and lymph nodes at right breast are totally normal because God doesn’t do things halfway." (Charlene)

Marissa had stumbled in the dark and fallen into a concrete ditch several days ago. An active college-age girl she could not bend her knee. Pain was at a level 6. After about ten minutes of ministry, she said with amazement and a laugh that the pain had vanished. She then tried to bend her knee. There was an audible pop which startled all of us. Still no pain. She then waked on the leg, paused, and bent her knee up to her waist. Absolutely no pain and no immobility. Spoke to her today and she is perfectly fine. Jesus is in the healing business!

"I limp from pain and I need knee replacement surgery. During ministry, I felt a tingling. My pain went from a level 5 to a 1, and I am walking without limping." (Dee)

"I broke my hip ten months ago. I have residual pain and some muscle atrophy. During ministry I felt pressure, warmth, and peace. When I started to walk again, I didn't limp!" (Pamiel)

"I’m dealing with general fatigue from overwork; I also wanted prayer for concerns with a new relationship.  During ministry I received a sense of peace and rest, reassurance of God’s love for me; affirmation of God’s care; received prayer for wisdom, discernment and guidance. I am now feeling a general rest, relief and peace. Feel encouraged and inspired, being renewed of God’s love. Thank you!" (Stephen )

"I have bursitis in my hip, felt apathy and discouraged; struggling with lack of self-worth.  During prayer the Lord reminded me of all his blessings in life recently. That it’s okay to rest in him. I’m his favorite. I walked out feeling 10 pounds lighter! Light hearted and joyful." (Eleanor)


"I felt self-conscious, and not ready to be filled with God's purpose and His intimacy with me. I now feel that God's loving care and devotion is not dependent on how I feel about myself or my circumstances. I felt cared for and lifted up by ministry team - Thank you for caring." (Sevena) 

A dozen of SMI's Healing Seminar Team were able to accept an invitation to the North State Pastors Prayer Summit in late January to minister healing to those attending. Seven of ten received immediate and total or near total relief. One 76-year old pastor got his hearing restored in his right ear! A lady minister testified the next morning she was still pain free (back and hips) some 18 hours later. (Of the remaining three receiving ministry, two had a good experience but their situations were not measurable, e.g. blood pressure, etc.. Only one individual did not get identifiable relief.) Our outstanding Seminar team members are from six cities here in Northern California and are highly effective ministers of Christ.