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CA Prayer Coalition

When Kingdoms Collide

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Sierra Ministries


All information is required unless noted as optional.

1 and 2. Use your full name. It is easiest to use your name from your driver’s license. This consistency will also reduce the number of times you are called for Jury Duty. Selection system utilizes both Voter Registration records and Driver’s License records. If your name is not identical on both lists, you may be selected twice.

3, 12, and 13 Optional.

4 and 5. Address required for Precinct identification.

14. You must make a selection or check NO (decline to state). California is now an Open Primary state (June 2010), so all ballots will carry all candidates regardless of Voter’s party identification.

15. Absentee Ballots may be counted 11 days prior to Election, by statute.

16. If you cannot remember your former address, put in city and/or county, state. Those changing last name due to marriage, choice, or court action need to fill in this section.

17. Those who are in their teens may register without penalty. It is preferred that one be at least 17, however, for ease and efficiency of our Election Office employees.

18. Not necessary to sign as entered on #1. Use your usual signature.

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WHEN LIFE CROWDS YOU OUT -When it feels like God's hand is against you
(A message on DVD from Pastor Dan Prout )

"This is an excellent, inspired, liberating message. You will be blessed by it!" 
Linda Langley 

"Pastor Dan's depth of experience and gentle approach coupled with his clear and concise teaching is a refreshing combination of giftings." 
Pastor Cindy Johnson, Bethel Church, Grass Valley, California 

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Donating by Check: Checks should be made payable to SIERRA MINISTRIES. If you are donating by check please click 
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