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To come into state-wide agreement on seeking God’s mercy for relief of the current drought, to see God send Rain, and to proclaim the Reign of Jesus Christ in our state.

The strength of this prayer initiative is in coming together in agreement on focused points of Confession and Petition. Each leader may implement prayer in the manner and method familiar to each ministry. All are free to establish additional venues such as conference calls, or city-wide or county-wide services and gatherings. The Season of Prayer will begin on 2/7/14, in connection with the numerals of 2 Chronicles 7:14, and will conclude when state water officials declare the drought has ended.

The key components of Confession and Petition to be used by members of this coalition as we agree in this Season of  Prayer. Leaders may think of these points like the bones of a skeleton, adding muscle, tissue, and sinew where each feels led, needful,or appropriate. (There are seven points of Confession and seven points of Petition so some may choose to use a pair for each day of the week.)

"Our church is very grateful to Sierra Ministries and Rain and Reign CA for allowing us to  be part of this prayer effort concerning the California Drought. In 2014 we joined with many congregations and have prayed every Sunday for the Lord to bring rain to our state, not only for the people of California but for those who benefit from the produce California grows. For nearly 2 years we have confessed and we have petitioned God for relief. In 2016 we are seeing God's answer to our combined prayers. The reservoirs are filling up and the snow pack is growing. So as we continue to pray for God's mercy on our state and for continued rain and snow, we also thank and  bless the Lord for answered prayer. Thank you SMI for allowing us to partner with you and with Rain and Reign CA. Together we are beginning to see the results of our prayers and the blessing of God's answer." - Pastor Dan Burris, The Refiner's Ministry, Walnut Creek, CA

UPDATE: December 3, 2015
California Winter Rains Prediction ~

December forecast is predicting warmer than usual winter temperatures across California and most of the USA generally north of the 38th parallel (the geo-location line running from Sacramento east through central Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri. The El Nino effect predicts greater than usual precipitation, desperately needed in drought stricken California. Very little El Nino effect, however, will be experienced in northern California north of the imaginary line described above. The great agricultural Central Valley of CA (running 30% and more unemployment) may expect more rain, thankfully. Warmer temperatures, however, are likely to keep the essential snow pack to a minimum. Result may be greater precipitation but there is no way to contain or retain the greater runoff. The annual normal Sierra snow pack easily holds far more water than all the lakes and reservoirs combined.

Prayer points: 
(1) For greater rain fall especially in northern California so its reservoirs will be filled not only for N. California needs but also for the state as the normally water-wealthy north supplies other regions. 
(2) For rain falling at a rate manageable to prevent flooding, erosion, mudslides, levy breaching, et cetera, especially in fire devastated areas throughout the state. 
(3) For normal, colder temperatures to allow snow fall at higher elevations, roughly 4000 feet and above. 

Rev. Dan Prout
Sierra Ministries International
Rain and Reign Prayer Coalition

UPDATE: January 12. 2015
A constellation of network leaders in the Rain and Reign California prayer coalition met via conference call Monday evening, January 12. Reports, information, comments, concerns, and strategies came in from Redding to San Diego, Monterey to Placerville. (Note that Saturday, February 7, marks one year of prayer by this coalition comprising 35 networks/ministries.)
Summary of consensus:
~ We see opportunities breaking open with various levels of leadership within communities, attributed to prayer for Jesus to reign.
~ We are continuing to pray for rain in the midst of thankfulness for what has been received.
~ We are pressing in for continued repentance and intercession, believing God's ear is not tired of repentance.
~ We recognize the seven Confession Points and seven Petition Points of the Coalition bind us together in a fabric of Agreement.

His Kingdom come in California!

Dan Prout
Sierra Ministries International
Grass Valley, California
UPDATE : September 25, 2014
The first fall storm dropped a light but welcome one inch of rain at 3500 feet elevation in Nevada County, northeast of Sacramento! A blessing of God to a dry and thirsty land. Blanketing smoke from the 100,000 acre King Fire washed from the atmosphere, at least temporarily. And eight inches of snow on Mt. Lassen northeast of Chico, CA while rain continues in Redding this evening! Shall we conclude we have repented to God and prayed to Heaven enough? Seeing that Jesus Lord is responding, let us renew our perseverance on humbled knees!

Dan Prout
Sierra Ministries International
Grass Valley, California
UPDATE: September 16, 2014
The Napa Quake has produced an amazing flow of underground water at the surface. Approximately 200,000 gallons per day of fresh water are flowing. The phenomenon in the Napa region has been known to scientist since the 1860's. Click here to see article. 
Let us thank God for this unexpected blessing.

Dan Prout
Rain and Reign California Coalition member 
Sierra Ministries International

UPDATE: April 15, 2014
Jesus Christ is hearing and answering our prayers for rain. Let us not assume, however,  the God of Heaven has grown weary of hearing our confessions and petitions.

Near record low snow levels in the Sierra Nevada range

According to the U. S. Geologic Survey, the western states get as much as 75% of their water from snowmelt. And, of course, California’s number one industry - Agriculture - is dependent on water availability. Often California’s climate does not produce any measurable rain during five months of summer and early fall - and that is in normal years. The monthly Snowfall Report is critical information for this state.

The April 1 snowfall measurements are near the record low levels of 1977. While the statewide average of 233 reporting stations is only 25% of normal, alarmingly, the snow below 6000 feet is a minuscule 9%. Some areas in Sequoia National Park normally measure 35 feet of snow in March. This year, it is about 5 feet. (Many northeastern American cities have seen more snow this past winter.) Astonishingly, some sites even at 7500 feet have zero snow.

Already California is seeing “unprecedented zero allocation of federal water” to annual-crop farms, as reported by researcher Eric Holthaus. For example, Lake Isabella, a reservoir containing the Kern River watershed, the primary source for water in the Bakersfield region is at present 10% of capacity. As to be expected, N. California major reservoirs are in comparatively better shape with Shasta, Trinity, Oroville, Folsom, and Don Pedro measuring 52%-54% of capacity with the exception of New Melones at 42%. Even so, it is obvious we are in trouble. “By fall, we will see reservoirs that are dangerously low”, warns Dave Rizzardo of California Department of Water Resources.

Lower reservoir levels mean less capacity to produce hydro-electric power. It is well known that vast volumes of water are moved via pumps and canals from northern California to arid and populous southern California. Amazingly, 20% of all electric power consumed in this state is used to move water for all purposes according to the California Energy Commission.

While immediate and serious conservation of water and all types of energy is incumbent on all 38 million Californians, it is clear conservation alone cannot solve our water needs. We need snow and rain. We need help from the Lord Jesus Christ of Creation who makes both.

Rev. Dan Prout
Sierra Ministries International
Grass Valley, California

Key Scriptures
"You expected much, but see, it turned out to be little. What you brought home, I blew away. Why?" declares the LORD Almighty. "Because of my house, which remains a ruin, while each of you is busy with his own house. Therefore, because of you the heavens have withheld their dew and the earth its crops. I called for a drought on the fields and the mountains, on the grain, the new wine, the oil and whatever the ground produces, on men and cattle, and on the labor of your hands." (Haggai 1:9-11)

"The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." (Second Peter 3:9)

Confession Points
"Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world — the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does — comes not from the Father but from the world."  (First John 2:15-17)

God in Jesus Christ, we present ourselves before you as sinful people. We who are called by your name confess our sins:
 ~ We confess our love of the world over our love for you, our independent spirit, our arrogance, and our intentional abandonment of your reign in our lives.
 ~ We admit our insatiable cravings of physical pleasures, our craving for and covetousness of everything we see, and our pride in our achievements, position, and possessions.
 ~ We confess to allowing ourselves to be molded by the world, ignoring your will revealed in your Word, disregarding your counsel and care.
 ~ We admit before heaven and earth our moral corruption, our sexual behaviors which deviate from the standards of your Word, and our disdain for holiness, personal and corporate.
 ~ We confess our wrongful allegiance to other gods, our spiritual adultery, our breaking of sacred covenant with you, and willfully divorcing ourselves from our Creator and Savior.
 ~ We acknowledge our judgmental pronouncements toward others ascribing to the banner of your Name and for being agents of disunity in your body by self-righteously promoting our own distinctive understandings, practices, and traditions familiar to us.
 ~ We admit to our historic attitude of superiority toward others, our repeated treachery and betrayal in the breaking of covenants, our shedding of innocent blood, and our despicable treatment of those you command us to love.

Petition Points
"Call on me and I will answer."  (Jeremiah 33:3)

~ We ask for your provision to sustain our lives and those of our neighbors. Send forth your storm clouds, heal our land, refresh us with rain. Give us our daily bread.
~ Forgive us, God of Salvation, for our wickedness. Each of us has turned to our own ways. Our sins are innumerable. They bring sickness to our souls and destruction to our bones.
~ Take our garments and wash them in your blood. Make us white as snow. Walk us into your paths of righteousness and peace, humility and holiness. Lord, you alone know these bones can live.
~ We plead for a change of heart, O Lord. We cannot live a life pleasing to you without a new heart. Replace our hearts of stone with hearts of flesh. Restore my soul, God of my salvation.
~ Call us back to you, back to your temple and your courts into renewed covenant with you. Satisfy us with the joy of your presence. Reveal yourself to us, we pray, and live among us. We will be your people and you will be our God.
~ We pray as Jesus prayed that we will be one. Mend us and heal us. Raise up your body to new life to fulfill Christ’s mission in this world, bringing help and healing, hope and wholeness.
~ Save us from the calamities of our forefathers. Hear our repentance and petition. Send rain to refresh and replenish the land you have given to us. Restore to us the opportunity to bless all people with the abundant produce of California. Let the fields flourish, the animals prosper in number, and the people rejoice in your goodness, mercy, and salvation.

 At the moment, a welcome storm has wetted much of California. Even so, officials say 2014 is shaping up to be the driest in state history. Some meteorologists suspect California is in the third year of a five to seven year drought. They report apparent climate change patterns are reducing the amount of snow pack in the Sierra Nevada Range meaning precipitation does not freeze and hold but runs off to lower elevations prematurely. (California has not completed a new reservoir since 1979, the New Melones Reservoir west of Sonora CA.)

The California Department of Water Resources announced recently (1/30/14) that it does not have enough water for 25 million Californians and 1 million acres of agriculture land (1,562 square miles). Seventeen water districts are estimated to be out of water by April 1. Formerly, ranchers and farmers (including orchards and vineyards) in the Great Valley were told only to expect between 0% and 5% of normal surface water allotment in 2014. Many of California’s reservoirs are already depleted. The great San Luis Reservoir (SW of Merced) is at 25% of capacity as of this date. Lake Shasta north of Redding presently has 1.6 million acre feet which is close to half of its 15 year average storage. The highest dam in the nation (44 feet higher than Hoover Dam) holds back Lake Oroville measures only 33% of capacity and that during the rainy season. The AgAlert newspaper issue of 1/29/14 reports that well drilling and pump companies are working at break neck speed to drill deeper and additional wells. More pumping of the underground aquifers will increase the lowering of the water table making it increasingly costly to bring that water to the surface. “Most everyone believes wells will be going dry this year, ” says one North State official. Further, it takes two to four good years for aquifers to recover. Pumping hard this year may take water needed for survival in 2015.

Known for its Hollywood films and Silicon Valley innovation, the little understood truth is that California’s powerhouse industry is Agriculture. It is the fifth largest agriculture economy in the world. California produces 50% of all of the fruit and vegetables in America and 30% of all food in the USA. Presently, California cattlemen and dairymen are selling their herds either to other states or to slaughter because without range grass and field crops, they cannot afford to import enough hay and grain to make keeping the animals profitable. (Coupled with stringent state imposed regulations, dairies have been leaving California for two years, according to California Farm Bureau Federation.) Some of our largest central valley agriculture counties are already running 30% unemployment. The U. S. Department of Agriculture has now designated 53 of our 58 counties as natural disaster areas.

Ramifications are extensive: AgAlert reports honeybees, essential for pollination of orchard, vineyard, and vegetable crops, do not have enough natural winter and spring forage for healthy survival of beehives. Bears are not hibernating and are out searching for non-existent springtime berries. Low freshwater flow through the Sacramento River Delta allows intrusion of salty sea water further inland thus affecting natural contaminate-filtering vegetation and associated micro-organisms and wildlife. Presently, the winter mountain recreation industry is on life support and summer recreation is to be severely impacted without usable rivers and lakes. Dried out, weakened forests will be susceptible to disease and runaway fire. Of further concern, affecting all California residents, hydro-electric power companies are announcing reductions in available electricity for the foreseeable future. “Get ready for energy costs to skyrocket,” warns one voice.

It is clear that the massive ripple effects of the California Drought will bring direct economic hardship to millions both in the state, across the country, and in neighboring nations. The severe winter in the central, eastern, and southern states only multiplies the problems. In other years, California’s food has saved the day. The forecast, without the intervention of God, is dismal at best and is better described by the term desperate. Is God withholding rain to get our attention as he did in biblical times? Let us seek God, confessing our sins, and pray for relief for ourselves and for all who our state serves.

Rev. Dan Prout, President
Sierra Ministries International
Grass Valley, California

Scriptures, prayers, and proclamations are posted at: groups/rainandreigncalifornia/
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Previous Update (March 28th) 
Up-date on California’s Drought ~ Hundreds of thousands of acres left unplanted this spring.

Rain is again falling in central and northern California - blessing of God to our dry land. The focus of Rain and Reign Prayer Coalition is to humble ourselves before Jesus Christ to ask for change in California’s physical, moral, and spiritual droughts. As Rain and Reign coalition partners and leaders, let us be wise enough to see that our little bit of prayer has produced a corresponding little bit of rain. While we are grateful to our Father, state-wide precipitation averages are less than half of normal for this date (43% in southern Sierra, 55% in the northern range). The largest job-producing and income-producing power in our state is Agriculture. AgAlert, an industry weekly newspaper, reports on March 26, “Drought and resulting water shortages leave farmers and ranchers looking at unplanted fields, dried-out pastures ... and it is only March.” In the March 19 issue, “Hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland expected to be left unplanted this year due to water shortages...” In short, as the Ag industry goes, so goes our state economy.

Concerning natural drought, this past week I spoke with the CEO of the largest water district in California, Nevada Irrigation District (yes, in California not Nevada). The second oldest water rights are held by this body. (Later-formed districts will be the first to loose water access. Water is ready to be trucked in to some communities.) Here in the northern Sierra Nevada, reservoirs are at 100% of average capacity for this time of year due to February storms. Read that sentence carefully. Sounds good, but here is the problem: Snow Pack. Snow levels in the Sierra range from 12% to 20% of normal. As water is drawn off the reservoirs, the normal replenishment for summer needs is not going to take place. Fish hatchery streams flow are already so low that juvenile salmon cannot be released directly into northern water ways; they will be necessarily trucked to lower elevations in coming months.   

According to Nevada Irrigation District, 94% of its water goes to produce food. Take the rice producing industry, for example. Rice growers in the North State have been told they will not get any surface water allotment - that is zero water. In the spring, fields are flooded to accommodate the new rice plants. That will not happen this year. California exports more rice than Japan. A low rice yield means thousands of jobs lost. Consider the rippling consequences: reduced acreage in production means reductions in equipment, trucking, packaging, marketing, distribution, grocery store sales, and overseas shipping. These factors mean less fuel sold, less repairs done, less personnel needed, less insurance paid - less, less, less. The great grain elevators used to store rice will stand virtually empty. Dock workers in the Port of Oakland will have reduced hours. Multiply this example by considering orchard crops, vineyards, vegetable crop yields, and livestock and dairy affects. There will be increases in government subsidies for the unemployed and for farmers themselves. 

This third year of drought means the underground aquifers are not getting the restoration they require. While well-drilling and pump companies are working at break-neck speed to deepen existing wells and to drill others, the concern of hydrologists is that ground water levels will drop even lower which makes the cost of bringing water to the surface increasingly expensive. Further, as one example, without summer storage in Lake Oroville, one of the largest power generators in the state, electricity will be in short supply unless fossil fuel powered plants can pick up the deficit - all at higher cost.  

Millions of lives in and around our state are being affected. Gratefully, God does answer the humble petitions of his people yet we are far from seeing the end of drought in our focus categories. Let us not slacken our leadership in confession and intercession.

Rev. Dan Prout, President
Sierra Ministries International
Grass Valley, California