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"I have to let you know that I benefited greatly from the Authority to Heal seminar at Nevada City (January 2016). The blending of hands-on ministry and teaching was awesome not to mention the victorious outcomes of healing. The eleven coaches who came from long distances to be a part of the teaching imparted a level of dedication, professionalism, and unity of approach that I trusted and appreciated. "You took a gifting God has given to the Body and demystified it, making it accessible to the general body and not just for a gifted few. In doing that, the Body of Christ (present during the two days of teaching) was lifted up more to His image -- at least that was my experience. So thank you for pouring yourself out for the Body of Christ. We went from the conceptual to the actual in less than 24 hours." (Vikki)

(For more testimonies from the Authority to Heal Seminar see sidebar and below)

The Bible speaks about the power of God in Jesus Christ to heal. You are invited to attend this seminar to become equipped in the biblical principles of Christian healing ministry. In this seminar you will:

  • Expand your understanding of biblical healing
  • Find practical tools for effective ministry
  • Discover how Jesus Christ plans to heal through you
  • Explore key principles to release the Holy Spirit's power
  • Learn the practices which safeguard ministry integrity

This seminar is presented as a hands-on workshop opportunity. There will be teaching on the biblical principles of healing and application of these principles through personal experience. If you are in need of physical healing yourself you will not only learn how God heals through you but you will also have the opportunity to experience the healing of God through others.  (For a brief report and testimonies from our last seminar in Oroville see below.)

We saw a lot of Jesus' work, including joint injuries fully healed as well as significant improvement in hearing and sight. One doctor of Chiropractic, who was a small group first-time leader, felt her bone move as though she were getting an adjustment herself, she said. Many were amazed at what the Lord did and the host church small group leaders were genuinely excited by Saturday afternoon.

Participants reported various experiences including: touch of the Holy Spirit, heat, warmth, coolness, seeing bright light, tingling, a sense of peace, calm and love, hope and encouragement. Physically there was increased mobility, tendon’s moving, many relieved of pain, tension and swelling relief, eye sight improved, muscles relaxed, pressure gone, anxiety decreased, hearing restored, relieved of burdens, nausea and headaches gone. All glory goes to the Lord, the One who heals.

I had pain in my neck and lower back, left side, and neuropathy in my left ankle. After ministry, I had easing, relaxing of areas of pain. I have no pain in my neck and lower back and I have less pain in my ankle. ~ Gene

I had a lot of neck and shoulder pain sometimes radiating down my arms. My pain was at a 6 and I could not freely turn my neck and move my right arm. Now I can! Praise the Lord! (She demonstrated full movement of her head to left and right.)

I have rheumatoid arthritis pain and peripheral neuropathy pain. In ministry, my pain level decreased from a 5 to less than 1. I am using my right index finger to hold this pen (to write with) without pain. ~ Barbara

I had pain in my elbow. Now the pain is reduced and is barely perceptible at all. When using or “stressing” the elbow there is no sharp pain. ~ Mike

In ministry, I felt a release of tension. I felt loved and cared about. I don’t feel much changed but I am hopeful it will come in time. ~ Michelle

I have back pain in lumbar 4 and 5. After ministry, it seemed to feel better but it was hard to tell. Not really sure (how I feel now as) my pain comes and goes. I will have to wait and see. (After second ministry session for back pain), The pain at this point is gone! ~ Chip

I had a pulled hip muscle that caused pain especially and osteoarthritis that caused continual pain. I felt hip muscles relax; the pain flared up during the ministering time but then went away. Afterward, I was able to walk without limping, which was from the pulled muscle. I could also move my neck without pain. ~ Becky

I have a lump under my skin in my right hand. It moved with my muscles when I flexed my fingers. During ministry, the lump shrunk in size twice, then remained smaller but I can no longer feel it rolling under my skin. I can still see it. During second ministry, I felt a spot of heat which is still on the much smaller lump. ~ Sandi

I have degenerative bone disease - all joints hurt especially hip, knees, feet (plantar fasciitis). During ministry, I felt tingling in my feet, lessening of neuropathy. Pain reduction of left hip from 2 to ½ or zero. I am walking more freely - have a quicker step. Actually, I have had a cough and my lungs feel clearer, too. ~ Alice


I had pain from a double hip replacement. After I received healing prayer from the team the pain went away and I can stand up straight - Verdie

I have right hip degeneration, acute pain in my groin, lower back, and right pinching nerve pain down right leg. Physical therapist fells I may need right hip replacement and doctor wants to continue spinal pain blocks. Hip pain at level eight. Afte team prayed for me there was no more pain in right knee tat was replaced in 2016. No longer have sharp hip pain, pain reduced to about a five. The lower right back pain subsided. - Gale

I wanted prayer for bone spur and arthritis in foot, rotator cuff tear and arthritis in shoulder, and golfers elbow. During ministry my heel pain reduced from six to zero - I can now stand and walk without pain. I can move my arm more freely without pain and a greater range fo motion. Elbow pain lessened. - Heather

I was experiencing pain in my right knee and right shoulder. When I was prayed for I felt warmth spreading, tingles and joy. The pain in my knee and shoulder diminished. - Kathryn

I deal with asthma in sinuses and throat 24/7 (problems and mucus), and arthritis in shoulder and middle of back - with pain in the back. As healing team ministered I felt heat and tingling in my back and swelling going down. I experienced tingling in my sinuses and throat clearing out the mucus. I now have no pain in my back. I'm breathing through my sinuses and throat. - Diane

My digestive track is not digesting food or absorbing nutrients. I have hypothyroid HBD, and degenerative disk disease in neck and lumbar. Since prayer my neck is better, rotation is good and no pain right now. I was released from the spirit of bitterness. - Sandra

I have [primary asthma and COPD. The team was warm and welcoming, Since they prayed for me I'm on fire, my feet have moved more than ever before. The Lord took away my asthma and I was able to sing for the first time in years. - Kathy

AUTHORITY TO HEAL  Christian Healing Semina.

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"Dan's thoughtful and careful presentation has the exact right amount of biblical basis and practical application to equip us for healing ministry. He and his team establish an environment of tangible grace to bring us balanced, authentic healing ministry."
Rev. Dennis Day, Pastor, Oroville Nazarene Church, Oroville, CA

"Dan's teaching was tremendous - biblical, theologically sound, and without drama. Our people loved it. - it felt real, natural, and do-able."
Rev. Charlie Little, Pastor, Templeton Presbyterian Church, Templeton, CA

"Dan's warm and informative teaching style along with the safe yet stretching environment for practicing what we learned about healing ministry were a great blessing. The biblically based model for healing ministry that he shared with us appeals to Christians across denominational lines."
Rev. Mile Gleason, Pastor, First Baptist, Orland, CA

"This seminar gives excellent theological background and 'how to' steps for healing ministry. At every point, Dan is practical, biblical, wise, and balanced."
Rev. Toby Nelson, President (Presbyterian)
First Response Chaplains of California, Grass Valley, California

"The Healing Ministry Training Seminar taught us such practical tools and applications that many in our congregation feel more confident in ministering healing. We cannot express enough how important it is for the Church as a whole to learn these techniques that bring comfort, healing, and hope."
Rev. Roger and Maria Altizer, Former Pastors of The Father's House (Assemblies of God), Live Oak, California

"During the outstanding Healing Ministry Training Seminar, the Lord opened my eyes to understand the difference between praying for healing and ministering healing in the authority delegated to me by Christ Jesus and His Spirit."
Rev. Joe Walsh, Director
Capitol Fellowship Foundation, Sacramento, California

"Dan’s understanding of the loving, healing nature of God is refreshing. His sensitive and compassionate approach to those seeking healing is respectful and unhurried."
Rev. Peter Shultis (Presbyterian)

"Dan presents the ministry of healing today with biblical and theological clarity, sensitivity and grace that spans denominational boundaries, and practical suggestions birthed out of years of experience."
Rev. Ian Carlisle
(Evangelical Free Church)
Director, Ambassadors of Reconciliation


"I came with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) emphysema with 80% lung damage. During ministry, I got hot and cold, and could take deeper breaths more easily with no discomfort. I could not stop crying for joy. I feel a little “high” because I think now my (supplemental) oxygen is turned up too much." (Joyce)

"I have an old neck injury with chronic neck, shoulder, and jaw pain. During ministry, neck crunching reduced and pain diminished. Shoulder  pain went except for one spot. I have increased neck mobility without  pain. I am filled with peace, deep relaxation, joy, and encouragement." (Beth)
"I have muscle spasms and possible tears.  After being prayed for I feel a release of pressure.  I am more flexible.  I felt the pressure leaving from my head, going down my neck, and out my fingers as commanded by my healers (ministry team).  Praise God!" (Kristine-4/25)

"I had extreme pain in right wrist, I could not flex my wrist without a sharp extreme pain to the point of dropping things. Today there is no pain." (Ron-3/17)

"I could not lift my arm, right shoulder pain at a level 3-8 when trying to raise arm to the side. After I was prayer for - No more pain. I can lift arm over my head. I feel great, very close to complete healing." (Vinnie-1/28)
"There is a knot where my middle finger joins the hand. It was full of pain at the touch and about the size of a walnut.  The first time they prayer I was having to deal with my own thoughts and emotions by making adjustments in my own heart. Then I asked the team to pray for my unbelief, 'I believe, help my unbelief'. The second time they prayer there was a confidence, an assurance that came over me. I asked if they would pray one more time. Each time prayer was offered there was a definite change in the size of the knot. I believe I received what I asked for. You can barely tell the knot is there, by touch or feel. Maybe some scaring left. Just like Jesus. He still bears the scars." (Mike-4/25)

"I had a cough, strong tension headache and pain in neck and shoulders from muscle tension.  Now the headache is gone and tension gone in neck and shoulders." (Jason-1/25)